Loving Relationship


Come and attend an exclusive immersive workshop running over 1 day and 1 follow up evening, offering you the equivalent of 6 Couples Therapy sessions, for the price of just ONE.

A limited number of just 7 couples will have the opportunity to attend this exclusive Inaugural training at this very special rate. In future, workshops will run at double the price.

Come and learn the strategies, secrets and skills of creating and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. Presented by Relationship Expert Lyn Baird and also assisted by your very own allocated Couples Therapist to work through your own relationship challenges.

You will learn how to:

-Understand what stage of the relationship you are in and how to navigate into the next stage
-Manage differences of opinion
-Improve communication skills. Learn how to talk at a heart to heart level rather than head to head
-Turn off filters so you can hear what the other person is really saying
-Compromise in a healthy way and use problem solving techniques
-Identify your ‘wants’ and needs
-Explore your hopes, dreams, worries and concerns
-Identify what works well in your relationship (there are always things that you’re doing really well!)
-Move on from the disappointments, hurts and anger
-Identify your strengths and manage your weaknesses

As well as so much more!

see our website for testimonials http://www.lifebridge.com.au/services/relationship-counselling/

Run over 1 days & 1 follow up evening:
May 24th 2014 9am- 4:30pm &
May 27th 2014 6-8:30pm

APPLY by no later than 16th May 2014 by emailing bridget@lifebridge.com.au

Upon acceptance, you will be prompted to make payment of just $90 and then you will be sent a very thorough and comprehensive Pre-training Relationship Assessment for completion prior to the training so that we can 100% personally tailor your participation to suit your needs.

Once again, this is a ONCE OFF offer at this price point and offers a LIFETIME of value