10 ways Life Bridge can help improve your Relationship

Either in marriage, partnership or families, Counselling can help you have the relationship you are dreaming of if you are BOTH committed to making your relationship a priority. It is a time to rediscover each other in a practical, fun and caring way.

When we buy a car we know we have to service it. At times it will just be a tune-up and other times it will be a major service but we know it is important so that we are not stranded and alone on the side of the road. Relationship Counselling is very similar you will learn strategies and tool to help…

  1. Understand what stage of the relationship you are in and how to navigate into the next stage
  2. Manage differences of opinion
  3. Improve communication skills. Learn how to talk at a heart to heart level rather than head to head
  4. Turning off filters so you can hear what the other person is really saying
  5. Learn how to compromise and use problem solving techniques
  6. Identify your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’
  7. Explore your hopes, dreams, worries and concerns
  8. Identify what works well in your relationship – there are always things that you’re doing really well!
  9. Move on from the disappointments, hurts and anger
  10. Identify your strengths and manage your weaknesses

First Session

$165 or $170 1.5 Hour Session

  • (depending on counsellor)

All other sessions

$110 or $130 1 Hour Session

  • (depending on counsellor)

Relationship Counseling Testimony

Adam & I have come along leaps and bounds . We both feel we are in a space were we can sort any situations on our own. I would like to thank you so much for your expertise and exceptional counselling abilities. We are both changed people

Adam & Alison

We would just like to say a massive thank you to Lyn at Life Bridge for saving our marriage. We were referred to Lyn by a friend of ours who both her and her husband went to see when they were ready to go their separate ways, they are happily married to this day. Both my husband and I separated last November and were apart for 9 months.

Our marriage was extremely turbulent for so many years and having time to figure out whether we wanted our marriage to work was important for each of us and our children. We couldn’t have made it without Lyn. We started to see Lyn whilst we were separated, she really listened and helped each of us to understand on a much deeper level what we each needed in a partnership and how to show love, respect and most importantly to show the other person that they are important. Her strategies were easy to implement and they worked! Her strategies are a life long thing for us, always put our marriage first. We are both extremely happy. Thanks again.

S & P